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Recovery of Chargebacks and Deductions

Profit Solutions Group, Inc., specializes in the recovery of chargebacks and deductions. PSGI has been at work assisting many vendors in various industries in this problematic area. PSGI is uniquely positioned to help those companies cope with the sheer magnitude of the various types, and classifications of chargebacks and deductions.

"Best Practices" Consulting Service

Profit Solutions Group, Inc. provides consulting management services to help companies restructure their back office processes and streamline best practices. PSGI provides training to enhance the process and productivity of the research and recovery cycle.

Outsource Chargeback Management Service

Many companies are reassessing the need to maintain certain in-house specialty functions such as Accounts Receivable, and are exploring the many benefits of outsourcing. We have the experience, the capability, and the know-how to reduce your operational headache by assuming responsibility over your AR fuctions, while reducing your overall expense structure at the same time.

Financial Management Placement Service

PSGI can also furnish key financial personnel through its employment recruiting division. We can provide personnel for positions ranging from chief financial officers, to accounts receivable managers, to collectors, bookkeepers, and other fiduciary positions.

For more information and details call Profit Solutions Group, Inc.

Finance and Accounting Solutions

PSGI and MINACS have strategically joined together to help companies optimize their finance and accounting operations, while reducing their back-office cost structure by 30 to 40%.

By utilizing our process optimization tools, onshore/offshore solutions based on local relationship management and robust business automation technology, companies across a wide spectrum of industries can realize significant operational cost reductions.

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