Our Mission

Profit Solutions Group, Inc.'s (PSGI) business mission is to provide manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors experience and professional services to facilitate the recovery of unauthorized and erroneous deductions issued by major retailers, specialty stores and catalogues. Our approach is to work closely with the vendor, to aid, support and document proof in a manner that will achieve positive results. We work and operate on behalf of our clients, acting as an extension of their financial operations.

We understand the enormous time and money spent on collecting monies owed. The vendor should be focused on product development, sales and the attainment of market share. The pursuit of recovery should not be a priority. PSGI dedicates its full resources to this single mission. We not only recover money for the companies we represent, but also utilize our in depth experience to effectively streamline the entire process.

Profit Solutions Group, Inc. reviews all chargeback issues, including freight and handling charges, terms of payment, short shipments, advertising and markdown allowance claims. We proactively review markdown allowance requests in which we apply an in-house program to analyze these claims. PSGI will advise the clients as to the true amount of such markdown demands.

PSGI also provides a consulting practice where we help companies efficiently structure their accounts receivable department. We train in-house staffs in procedures, package presentations and correct retrieval of financial data through seminars and one-to-one training. In addition, we can furnish permanent and/or temporary financial personnel to help our clients enhance the productivity of their financial department.

Profit Solutions Group, Inc. offers our clients a winning proposition - You recover lost profits while we handle the majority of the work. Our compensation is a direct result of our success in recovering monies for you.

For more information and details call Profit Solutions Group, Inc. at (212) 779-0907. Profit Solutions Group, Inc. is located at 1120 Avenue of the Americas, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10036