Why Profit Solutions Group, Inc.

In today's difficult retail environment, the financial pressures placed on the vendor community have never been greater. Retailers are levying chargebacks and penalties against the vendors at a furious pace, and the ability to stay current in handling these deductions is a never-ending battle for the vendors. However, help and assistance are just a phone call away with Profit Solutions Group, Inc. (PSGI)

Profit Solutions Group, Inc. is a company that specializes in the recovery of chargebacks and deductions. They have been at work assisting many vendors in various industries in this problematic area. PSGI is uniquely positioned to help those companies cope with the sheer magnitude of the various types and classifications of chargebacks and deductions.

Its principals, Howard Levy and Jeffrey Knopman (view profile), and a highly trained staff of professionals have many years of experience in accounts receivable management, chargeback adjudication and general accounting functions. The core mission of PSGI is to take a "Hands On" approach to the recovery process. The principals of PSGI play a key role in the research, documentation and preparation of the finished product for presentation to the retailers. They also take an active role in the resolution of the chargebacks.

Through their success, PSGI has been instrumental in decreasing the dilution rate of their clients, and thus increasing their ability to grow their business through additional credit lines and working capital. In addition to the recovery process, Profit Solutions Group, Inc. provides a consulting service to help companies restructure their "back office" and help implement "best practices”. PSGI can also furnish key financial personnel through its employment recruiting division. They can provide personnel for positions ranging from chief financial officers to accounts receivable managers, from collectors to bookkeepers.

Another fast growing arena for PSGI is its outsource management service. Many companies are now reassessing their overhead, and are moving in the direction of outsourcing the accounts receivable functions. PSGI can take on those responsibilities and significantly reduce the expense structure for their clients.

Profit Solutions Group, Inc. through its expertise, professionalism and in depth understanding of the retailer/vendor relationship, helps the vendors "level the playing field" with the retailers to whom they sell.

For more information and details call Profit Solutions Group, Inc. at (212) 779-0907. Profit Solutions Group, Inc. is located at 1120 Avenue of the Americas, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10036